BTS And Their Staff Take Immense Precautions For COVID-19 Prevention Ahead Of The 2022 GRAMMYs, According To HYBE’s Global Communications Team Leader

They treated their wellbeing and security exceptionally in a serious way. 오피사이트

BTS and their staff endeavored to protect everybody previously and during their unbelievable presentation at the 2022 GRAMMYs (otherwise called the 64th GRAMMY Awards).In another Weverse Magazine article, Rachel Um, the head of the Global Communications Team at HYBE, uncovered exactly how severe the GRAMMYs’ and HYBE’s COVID-19 conventions were. During practices, the reinforcement artists needed to change their covers consistently and the staff needed to wear veils and show a negative PCR test before each and every training.

Furthermore, the GRAMMYs had severe standards set up for all staff during the week paving the way to the honor show. Rachel Um said the GRAMMYs “expected all staff to take PCR tests routinely all through the week the GRAMMYs occurred and wear a veil consistently while entering the training region and service corridor.”

Notwithstanding the principles set by the GRAMMYs themselves, BTS, their artists, and their staff additionally needed to comply to HYBE’s standards. Rachel Um said they “ensured at the organization level to observe illness counteraction rules straight up to the day of the honors service so the craftsmen and the staff could securely plan for the exhibition and go to the show.”

Fortunately, everybody in question in BTS’s exhibition had the option to remain protected and solid while planning for the GRAMMYs!

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