Psy Praises BTS’s Suga And His Professionalism During ‘That That’ Music Video Shoot

Two of the greatest names in K-pop, Psy and BTS’s Suga, as of late worked together on an appealing track called “That That.” Both stars additionally showed up in a tomfoolery, cowpoke themed music video. 성인용품

Upon the arrival of the melody, Psy got serious about working with Suga. The unbelievable “Gangnam Style” vocalist even commended Suga for his amazing skill.

How Psy and Suga began the joint effort
Psy was a visitor during a new episode JTBC’s Knowing Bros. There, he made sense of how he and the BTS rapper came to team up.

“I got an instant message from an obscure number,” Psy said. “It said, ‘This is Suga. I might want to chat with you.’ So I met with him.”

Psy proceeded, “He’s great as an entertainer, however Suga is great at composing tunes. He’s created for IU and Heize. He’s created for a ton of different specialists, and he needed to give me a melody toward the finish of his creation project.”

Psy made sense of that Suga gave him the instrumental that would ultimately turn into “That That.” Sometime later, Suga himself turned out to be included on the tune.

In a video on Psy’s Twitter account, Suga likewise made sense of, “Truth be told, I haven’t gotten that nearby with anybody I collab with, this is on the grounds that I’m not normally the sort to get together with partners face to face. In any case, [Psy] he needed to see me face to face.”

Psy acclaims Suga’s amazing skill during ‘That That’ music video shoot
Psy has likewise drilled down into shooting “That That” with Suga. During a feature for his new rebound, Psy discussed how proficient Suga was on set.

“Suga committed such a lot of time and work to present to ‘That That’ to life,” he said (by means of Koreaboo). “At the point when we were shooting a music video in Incheon in March, it was freezing and breezy, yet he still strived to film the best scenes.”

He added, “On account of this joint effort, I could stroll through a world of fond memories too. Perceiving how energetic he was and the amount he cherished music, I normally reviewed my former days and drove myself to really buckle down as I did before.”

Psy and Suga turned out to be ‘closest companions’
Psy and Suga are 16 years separated. Nonetheless, as they made sense of in one more video on Psy’s Twitter account, regardless of the age contrast, both of them turned out to be close while chipping away at “That That” together.

“While meeting more youthful specialists, I would rather not cause them to feel awkward,” Psy made sense of. “I would rather not be somebody who’s difficult to approach. He simply wasn’t my lesser in the business, yet in addition he genuinely feels like a companion.”

Psy proceeded, “It was difficult to feel any age hole. Assuming he considers me an amigo, that is incredible for me.”

In the interim, Suga additionally said, “from the beginning, since he’s numerous years my senior and somebody who’s all around regarded in the business I was very anxious.”

“It seemed like working with a lifelong companion so it made the songwriting system considerably more tomfoolery,” Suga added, “We became best pals as it were.”

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